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Someone said a Pinterest board is like your high school locker (remember those?) as it is a way to show your readers what interests and inspires you as well as what you’re working on right now.

It is broken down to a very simple model of videos and images. Facebook, on the other hand, has a large amount of noise. Pinterest’s allure is that it is very simple, easy on the eye with images and videos and less “noise”.

Creating a social media network will take time and patience. You won’t attract tens of thousands of real followers in a day. While it is possible to create an “instant hit” that goes viral within hours, that is not the norm. Just have patience and cultivate your following over time.

Be kind to yourself. What you hate about your features nobody else sees until you point it out. So stop already! You are the only one that can be you. So be true to yourself and you will look great!

By doorway page I mean a website created by yourself where you then promote your profitable affiliate link(s). Of course you have to create a nice page where Pinterest users feel comfortable otherwise they will hit the “back” button in their browsers and look for other pins.

Sounds worth it? Then sign up right away and use this platform for the benefit of your business. Once you create your personal profile, here are some tips that will help you use this site extremely well.

Make a Custom Tab Each of your tabs on top of your Fan page are under the control of programs for numerous purposes. Your wall where people post, video page, pictures are built into your Facebook mechanically. To add a custom tab you will need to log into your Facebook page and type the words, Static FBML, in the search form. When you are find the Static FBML page you’ll want to click Add to my page. At this point you’ll have added a tab and blank page.

Promote your Pinterest page! Add follow buttons to your website so visitors to your site know can get to your Pinterest page with one click. You can download the code for a button directly from Pinterest or you can use social media plug-ins designed for your site’s CMS system.

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